A. Profile
hi i'm verity j i'm a minor sasian hindu bisexual demigirl, and i use doll/love pronouns... feel free to use she prns if we're close <3
links: pronouns spotify insta discord commsB. I Love
singing, literature, writing, lehengas, all desi food, making crds, pink, wonyoung, birayni and so much more!

C. Byi
i'm a minor, i swear a lot, i need tone tags, i can come off as rude, i will block you if i find you weird, i dont consider people friends easily, im slow so please be a little patient with me, i am hyperfixated on all my stans.
D. Go Away
under 14, over 19. terf or radfem. zionist. mcyttwt. think lesbians can oppress mlm or bisexuals. blink, stay, atiny, teume, miracle, or orbit. stan lucas. not a lesbian.
E. Notes
please don't make tutorials on my carrds without my permission esp bc i have my own comm system, i don't give copies of my own designs for free.

F. Music
bts, gidle, izone, raveena, ive, snsd, bvndit, twice, txt, lesserafim, faouzia, melanie, madison beer, sabrina carpenter, doja cat, arijit singh, shreya ghoshal, & more
G. Media
boy meets world, pretty little liars, manifest, greys anatomy, abyss, so not worth it, business proposal, dynasty, shit ton of bollywood movies, & more

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